Photoshoot con María Andreé López, me alegra mucho haber sido quien realizara este importante trabajo en tan única celebración.. Las fotos quedaron geniales y ahora les muestro parte del contenido.

Maria Andree Lopez-1 Maria Andree Lopez-2 Maria Andree Lopez-3 Maria Andree Lopez-4 Maria Andree Lopez-5 Maria Andree Lopez-6 Maria Andree Lopez-7 Maria Andree Lopez-8 Maria Andree Lopez-9 Maria Andree Lopez-10


Hi Edgar,
I wondered into your website to view my cousin’s photographs. Just amazing! Your work is breath taking. I just had to compliment you. Job well done. My top 3 photoshoots: 1) Sarita ‘ s 3) Mt. Hood 3) Vieja estacion.

Olivia thank you very much for leaving your comment. 3 excellent work that you have seen. Soon I’ll be posting new photos. Take care.